Monday, August 13, 2012


Hey everyone

Man who turned up the thermostat!  Sheesh.  This week was a way good one but dang it was hawt!!  So we had a specialized training on tuesday which was way awesome.  President and the APs talked about 3 types of missionaries: ones that serve because of fear, duty, and love.  It was way cool!  I loved being hearing about it and all that I learned.  Definitely a revelatory experience.  On saturday we had a ward barbeque that almost got rained out, they just moved it to the church and the rain stopped just in time to still cook so it was good!  We afterwards went and stopped by a house that used to be taught by the missionaries and ended up playing some street football for an hour with their boys.  I was doing great but sadly Elder Bredthauer burned everyone deep including me and caught a deep ball for the winning catch.  Dang it.  But afterward we got to talk to the whole family more and they invited us back which is awesome.  We're really excited for more football!!  I mean er... visiting them haha.  Either way, all of it was totally worth the blister I got on my big toe from running in crappy dress shoes haha.  I hope y'all have a great week God Bless!

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