Monday, August 13, 2012


Hey everybody!

This week has been pretty good!  It's pretty sweet at one point we had 3 people with baptismal dates!!  Only one made it but either way that's a lot of people to be working with!  It's pretty exciting.  It has been flipping HOT this week!  On saturday we ended up biking a bunch and it was high 90 or so, pretty crazy!  We stopped at one point and just sat in shade for a minute or two haha.  Pretty sweet.  Things with being a district leader has been going good, the district is doing awesome.  Elder Bredthauer is freakin cool as ever haha he has been jumping on a trampoline with one of our investigators and doing all sorts of cool tricks haha.  Oh a family we visit found a baby turtle in their back yard!!!!!  Nuts!  But way awesome.  Anyway love you all take care and God Bless!

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